Past Events

  • McAfee Knob Hike and Home Place Restaurant
    - Date: 4/2/2016       Venue: Catawba Mountain
  • On April 2nd, HFES hosted an 8-mile hike of McAfee Knob, one of Virginia's well-known Triple Crown. To celebrate the completion of the hike, everyone joined at Home Place Restaurant and consumed their weight equivalent in southern comfort cooking, followed by a group nap.

  • Spring Wrap-Up Picnic
    - Date: 5/8/2015       Venue: Whittemore

  • On May 8th, HFES held their annual Spring Wrap-up Picnic to celebrate the end of the year and talk about their plans for summer internships, jobs, and vacations. We all had fun and look forward to enjoying the summer season.

  • Kid's Tech University
    - Date: 4/11/2015       Venue: Cassell Coliseum

  • On Saturday April 11th, from 1230-5 PM, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) volunteered with Kids Tech University to host several exhibits to promote STEM-based careers and futures to children from the New River Valley area. This year HFES decided to focus on the human-computer interaction and designed exhibits utilizing LEAP motion technology. Using the freeware games and software which come along with the LEAP motion tech, two exhibits with large-screen monitors were available to children to interact with and gain experience in this emergent technology field. Other exhibits created was a virtual reality headset created from Google cardboard and a slideshow of dangerous tasks performed in an unsafe manner (to focus on the Health and Safety aspect of Human Factors).

  • NC State University - Dr. Nam
    - Date: 4/10/2015       Venue: Durham 260

  • Alumni Dr. Nam, an associate professor of Edward P. Fitts Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University, gave presentation about various brain computer interface projects, especially his recent research that aimed at investigating the collaborative behavior of people with motor disabilities. The audience enjoyed the talk and the research seemed very interesting!

  • University of Michigan - Dr. Chaffin
    - Date: 4/6/2015       Venue: Durham 260

  • Dr. Chaffin, the R.G. Snyder Distinguished University Professor (Emeritus) of Industrial and Operations Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, came to talk about the biomechanics basis for ergonomics in high exertion tasks. He presented the historic role that biomechanics has played in understanding the adverse effects of high exertion tasks in various occupations, and how contemporary softwares are being used to improve the design of future workplaces. It was a great talk and there were great interest from the graduate students and professors!

  • NCA&T State University - Dr. Smith-Jackson
    - Date: 3/20/2015       Venue: Whittmore 518

  • Dr. Tonya Smith-Jackson, Professor and Chair of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at NC A&T State University kindly visited us on March 20. Dr. Smith-Jackson spoke about a current project in which she provided an overview of data challenges in the research arena along with a focus on the complex cyber-socio-physical system for caregivers of those afflicted with dementia as a test case for the practice of research inclusion. This speaking event was a huge success!

  • Fall Kickoff Meeting
    - Date: 1/30/2015       Venue: Whittmore 542
  • Derek Ho kicked off the new year by talking about the opportunities available to the chapter and all the planned events, including speakers, the Bad Design on Campus contest, Kids Tech University, social events, and others. The meeting was very well attended and there were many students interested in becoming new members as well as a continuation of attendance from current members.

  • Defense Research & Development Canada - Dr. Justin Hollands
    - Date: 11/14/2014       Venue: Whittmore 257

  • Dr. Hollands, defense scientist at Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and adjunct associate professor at the University of Toronto, came to talk about research on Blue Force Tracking (BFT), a GPS-enabled system that provides military commanders and forces with location information about friendly military forces. After introducing DRDC, he presented two experiements on BFT that were conducted to find effects of spatial error and display format on soldier performance. The audience was very engaged and enjoyed the talk.

    Download the slides here.

  • University of Virginia - Dr. Rupa Valdez
    - Date: 11/7/2014       Venue: Whittmore 542

  • Dr. Valdez from UVA gave presentations about her research on characterizing patients' home and community environments and designing and evaluating clinical and consumer Health IT interventions by integrating quantitative and qualitative methods from medical informatics, health systems engineering, human factors engineering, and cultural anthropology. There was great interest from ISE graduate students.

  • Fall Kickoff Meeting
    - Date: 9/11/2014       Venue: Whittmore 542

  • Missie Smith kicked off the new fall semester by talking about the goals for the semester, benefits of HFES membership, opportunities available to the chapter and all the planned events, including speakers, social events, and others. Many new graduate students joined and learned about the chapter.

  • Tuck Chiropractic Clinic - Dr. Lee Mathis
    - Date: 4/25/2014       Venue: Whittmore 542

  • HFES VT was happy to host Dr. Lee Mathis from the Tuck Chiropractic Clinic to tour the labs, talk with students and professors, and discussed topics on prevention and care for spinal injuries, ergonomics in the chiropractic practice, and association of posture and symptomatology. The talk was easy to follow with real patients examples. We also had some students from the VT Cycling Team because he also serves as their chiropractor.

  • Drexel University - Dr. Ellen Bass
    - Date: 4/18/2014       Venue: Whittmore 542

  • Dr. Ellen Bas from Drexel University came to speak about characterizing residents handovers of patients. She spoke about analyzing information that is exchanged between resident physicians at shift change and developing a tool that not only enhanced communication at shift change but also supported patient care post-handover.

  • April OSHRC Talk - Dr. Peter Johnson
    - Date: 4/4/2014       Venue: Whittmore 542

  • HFES VT and OSHRC were happy to host Dr. Peter Johnson from the University of Washington to tour the labs, talk with students and faculty, and give a presentation on his research to reduce whole body vibration (WBV) exposures in metropolitan bus and semi-truck drivers. Many VT faculties and students joined and enjoyed learning about his interesting research.

  • Kid's Tech University
    - Date: 3/23/2014       Venue: Cassell Coliseum

  • Each year, Virginia Tech hosts Kids Tech University, to get children excited about science and technology through a shared enthusiasm of different subject areas. The Human Factors group had three displays, highlighting research from human computer interaction, biomechanics, and safety. Kids and parents lined up to see and take part in our interactive demonstrations.

  • Emerson Process Management - Dr. Jay Elkerton
    - Date: 3/21/2014       Venue: Whittmore 542

  • Dr. Jay Elkerton, director of Human Centered Design at Emerson, came to speak about his experiences in very active human centered design community. He spoke about goals, methods, especially method sets for core design practices including stakeholder maps and personas, heuristic usability evaluation, and rapid development and iterative product testing.

    Download the slides here.

  • Spring Kickoff Meeting
    - Date: 2/7/2014       Venue: Whittmore 542

  • Missie Smith kicked off the new year and new presidency by talking about the opportunities available to the chapter and all the planned events, including speakers, the Bad Design on Campus contest, Kids Tech University, social events, and others.

  • April OSHRC talk
    - Date: 4/24/2013      

  • HFES VT and OSHRC were happy to host Dr. Kurt Beschorner from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to tour the labs, talk with students and faculty, and give a presentation on his research on trips and falls. The talk was well-attended, informative, and very engrossing. It was refreshing to see search similar to that being done at VT in a different light and from a different perspective.

  • April Internship Meeting
    - Date: 4/5/2013      

  • Several chapter members stood up before the group to provide information about internships: how to apply, how to interview, and what students might expect when they land one. Ari discussed VT and HFES's capabilities to aid students in creating resumes, interviewing, and finding internships and Stephanie and Ralph talked about their internship experiences. The meeting concluded with a Q and A session.

  • Kids Tech
    - Date: 3/23/2013      

  • Each yeah Virginia Tech hosts Kids Tech University, during which various engineering societies and clubs showcase their disciplines. The Human Factors group had four displays, highlighting research from human computer interaction, biomechanics, and construction safety. Kids and parents alike lined up to see and take part in our interactive demonstrations.

  • HFES VT March Meeting
    - Date: 3/22/2013      

  • The chapter had its monthly meeting to discuss upcoming events. Chapter president Ari talked about the upcoming Bad Design contest, Kids Tech University, and faculty speaker coming in April. Members discussed interest in an internship information meeting, as well as the VTTI tour and research presentations in the upcoming months.

  • Alumni Talk
    - Date: 2/08/2013      

  • Alumni Dr. Mick McGee of EchoUser and Dr. Jon Kies of Qualcomm gave presentations about their work and how they transitioned from the human factors VT graduate program to industry. They also gave tips on how to succeed in graduate school and in industry. There was great interest from the undergrads, grads, and professors.

  • Spring Kickoff Meeting
    - Date: 2/01/2013      

  • Ari Goldberg kicked off the new year and new presidency by talking about the opportunities available to the chapter and all the planned events, including speakers, the Bad Design on Campus contest, Kids Tech University, social events, coffee hour, movie night, and others. The meeting was very well attended and there were many students interested in becoming new members.

  • Holiday Party
    - Date: 12/13/2012      
  • HFES VT's annual holiday party was another blast this year! Our very own Marc Christian catered the food; drawing compliments from everyone in attendance. Everyone had a good time, including faculty and staff. We also pulled out several board games and competed against each other in several contests of wit.

  • HFES National Conference
    - Date: 10/22-26/2012      

  • Members of the HFES VT chapter went to Boston to represent the chapter at the HFES National Conference. The chapter was presented with a Gold award for our exemplary performance in 2012. Several members presented their research at paper sessions, and the chapter took part in a poster session. Boston was an amazing city and the conference was a blast to attend. All of the members that visited very much enjoyed the conference and the chapter was very well represented. To San Diego next year!

  • HFES VT/ASSE Joint Meeting
    - Date: 10/18/2012      
  • HFES VT joined with the American Society of Safety Engineers to hold a joint meeting discussing joint opportunities and the upcoming HFES national conference. We skyped with Sharon Bowers from the NASA Real World-In World competition (http://www.nasarealworldinworld.org/) about participating and gave Joe Angles and Ralph Cullen the ability to present their conference papers for the upcoming conference.

  • OSHRC Speaker Series
    - Date: 9/28/2012      
  • OSHRC, the Public Health Association at VT, and HFES VT were happy to welcome Pietra Check, a Health Communications Specialist at NIOSH. Ms. Check discussed NIOSH efforts to support the communication of health hazards, safety efforts, and healthcare options. Of special interest was her overview of attempts to collaborate with Mexican embassy and consulate officials to integrate safety efforts into the social efforts undertaken by those officials. HFES VT was happy to collaborate in providing support to this great talk.


  • Fall Kickoff Meeting
    - Date: 9/13/2012      
  • HFES VT kicked off the fall semester in style, discussing upcoming opportunities, speaker events, and the national conference in Boston.

  • Summer VT Usability Seminar
    - Date: 07/5/2012      

  • HFES VT collaborated with the newly reformed American Society of Safety Engineers VT Chapter to provide a usability seminar to a undergraduate summer program on the design of cognitive radios. Members from both chapters provided lecture materials, examples, and demonstrations to help the students understand how to design and evaluate usability, as well as how bad designs affect the way people interact. The students seemed engaged and reported learning a good bit from the seminar. HFES VT and ASSE both agreed that the exercise was fun and were interested in collaborating further in the future.

  • OSHRC Seminar Series
    - Date: 06/27/2012       - Venue: Whittmore 518

  • HFES VT was happy to collaborate with the Occupational Safety and Health Research Center again to bring in VT's own Dr. Young-Corbett. Dr. Young-Corbett spoke about her work in prevention through design, highlighting projects helping workers deal with carbon monoxide toxicity and drywall dust. The audience was large and varied and the talk was engaging and informative. We hope to collaborate with OSHRC more in the future to bring more exciting speakers to campus.

  • Virginia Student Conference
    - Date: 06/7-8/2012       - Venue: ODU(Old Dominion University) in Norfolk, VA

  • HFES VT was happy to take part in a rekindled yearly event, the Virginia HFES Student Conference. This year, Old Dominion University hosted human factors students from across the state to meet, network, and present their research. The weekend started with a informative colloquium given by Dr. Christopher Wickens, one of the pillars of the human factors community. The day afterward, the students were treated to tours of some of the amazing ODU human factors labs and provided with an opportunity to present, which VT's own Gurjot Dhillon and Ralph Cullen did. We hope to continue this exciting tradition in the coming years.

  • Annual HFES Spring Picnic!!
    - Date: 5/13/2012       - Time: 11:00am - 3:00pm        - Venue: Blacksburg Recreational Park

  • Every year the HFES chapter hosts an end-of-semester picnic at a local park. This year we provided burgers and other food, as well as outdoor games such as bocce ball, frisbee, horseshoes, and many more. Overall we had a fun time outside in the beautiful weather celebrating the end of another successful year.

  • HFES VT Spring Wrap-up
    "Talk about the HFE curriculumn! Learn about summer events!"
    - Date: 05/03/2012       - Time: 11:00 - 12:00pm        - Venue: Whittmore 542

  • ODU(Old Dominion University)'s HFES students Visit and VTTI Tour
    "Where Human Factors and the Transportation Industry are going"
    - Date: 04/12/2012       - Time: 2:00 - 3:30pm        - Venue: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

  • ODU(Old Dominion University)'s HFES students Visit and VTTI Tour HFES VT was happy to welcome Old Dominion University's HFES student chapter to Blacksburg! ODU came to take a tour of VTTI, so the two chapters got together for dinner two nights and the tour of VTTI. It was a great opportunity to not only see all of the amazing research going on around campus but also to socialize and converse with other students doing human factors work at other universities. Everyone involved had a bunch of fun and plans were made to meet again in the summer for the student conference.

  • HFES VT March Meeting
    - Speaker : Kim Gausepohl and Dr. Erik Olsen       - Date: 03/26/2012       - Time: 10:00 - 12:00pm        - Venue: Whittmore 542

  • HFES VT Speaker Series
    "Where Human Factors and the Transportation Industry are going"
    - Speaker : Tia Tucker       - Date: 03/15/2012       - Time: 2:00 - 3:00pm        - Venue: Whittmore 542

  • The HFES VT student chapter was excited to welcome back alumna Tia Tucker to speak about her experiences in transportation human factors.
    Tia went over her educational background, how she became interested in cars, and how VT propelled her into the career of her choice. She then went on to talk about the present and future of vehicular human factors, interspersing examples from her own work at Dynamic Research, Inc. The audience was very engaged and enjoyed the talk immensely.

  • Bad Design on Campus Contest
    HFES VT held its first annual Bad Design on Campus Contest throughout the month of March. We solicited people all over VT's campus to search their environment for bad designs, suggest ways to improve upon those issues, and submit to us a one-page description of their redesign.
    The contest was a success, with many inquiries from both faculty and staff and a number of entries turned in by the deadline.
    Human factors students and faculty collaborated to judge the contest. Winners were awarded and all pertinent issues were passed on to people with the power to address them.

  • HFES VT Speaker Series
    "The benefits of certification by the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics" & his experiences as an ergonomist for Cargill
    - Speaker : David Brodie        - Date: 02/27/2012        - Time: 10:30am - 11:50am        - Venue: Whittmore 542

  • David Brodie, a Certified Professional Ergonomist at Cargill Inc., came to speak about the benefits of becoming a certified ergonomist, the process of getting certified, and the types of certifications available. He also spoke about his experience as an ergonomist for Cargill and the impact he has made to such a large number of employees in several different industries. It was not only valuable to learn about the professional benefits of obtaining a certification, but exciting to see how he has designed and implemented large scale ergonomic projects that have been effective in reducing injuries while maintaining economic feasibility.

  • HFES VT Speaker Series
    " Technological aids to construction safety"
    - Speaker : Dr. Jochen Teizer       - Date: 02/24/2012       - Time: 11:00am - 12:00am        - Venue: Whittmore 518

  • HFES VT was happy to support the Occupational Safety and Health Research Center (OSHRC) for Dr. Jochen Teizer's talk about his Construction Safety work. Dr. Teizer's talk was very informative, as he covered his research at Georgia Tech. The audience learned about vehicle/pedestrian proximity sensors, real-time modeling of hazards on construction sites, and the integration of construction safety requirements into building models and plans. Dr. Teizer provided many different demonstrations and the audience asked a lot of valuable questions. Based on the success of this event, HFES VT plans to collaborate with OSHRC more in the future!

  • Spring Kickoff Meeting
    - Date: 01/30/2012        - Time: 11:00am - 12:00am        - Venue: Durham 260
  • HFES VT kicked off Spring 2012 by reiterating our goals and expectations for the semester. Members discussed what they wanted to do over the semester, what they thought HFES might provide, and socialized over food and snacks.